What To Look For At This Year’s IAB Connected Commerce Summit

Attain will be at the IAB Connected Commerce Summit in NYC September 13. We’re looking forward to hearing how industry experts plan to tackle the challenges that have come along with the rapid rise of retail and commerce media.

Here are topics we’re most excited about, and stay tuned for a follow-up post with our takeaways.

Will Attribution Make or Break Retail Media?

With so many potential touchpoints in the customer journey, RMNs are having a difficult time actually attributing RMN exposures to sales, despite their abundance of first-party data. What is the path forward to realizing the ultimate vision of commerce media – tying incremental sales to exposures.

We strongly believe that the underlying purpose of RMN is, and should be, to measure incrementality. The challenges presented with consumer touchpoints are complex, and we are very curious to see how retailers come together to find a solution.

Creating Consensus Through Retail Media Standards

Seeing as the IAB is at the helm of this effort, this should be an informative session on the progress that’s being made and how retailers themselves are making strides towards standardization.

This is a big pain point for any advertiser working with RMNs, and adding a ton of uncertainty and complexity to day-to-day workflows and larger, long-term strategies.

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